Nighttime Beauty Treatments

Removing your make up before going to sleep is not enough and it’s not going to give you the skin you have always dreamed of.  If you have time for removing your mascara and powder then you can do these short treatments and feel and look beautiful the next morning. Try some of these beauty regimes and you will definitely feel pampered, refreshed, rejuvenated the next day. Get some sleep, and tell us how you feel after the treatments.

Face Mask

If you have time for only one treatment, this should be it. There are different kinds of face masks, and every one of them has its own purpose, your job is to find the one that matches your need and skin type. If you have dry then olive oil should be included in your face mask, if you have problematic skin baking soda, lemon and honey are great ingredients to include in your mask.

Relax In A Warm Bath

Free your mind from all the worries in a hot bathtub. Pour 2-3 drops of your favorite essential oil( preferably lavender) and enjoy a warm bathing. The warm water will relax your muscles, it will open your pores and when you get out of the bath you will feel easy as a feather.


A great way to finish your day is with exfoliating your skin. By exfoliating you remove all the dead skin cells that are on your body and therefore your skin will look younger and shinier. Make a homemade scrub(combine sugar and olive oil) or buy an exfoliating scrub. Do this twice a week.

Heal Your Cracked Heels

Many women are facing cracked heels, they are caused by prolonged standing, excess weight etc. If you are facing this kind of problem search for a lotion that contains tea tree or peppermint oil, after you apply the lotion cover your feet with comfy socks.

Relieve Tension From Your Arms

Show your hands some love before yo go to bed. Get a nice lotion that contains glycerin. Glycerin softens the hands. Apply the hand cream starting from your wrists, going down to your palms and finish the massage with the fingertips.

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