5 Make Up Routines For Women Over 30

All women are different and have different skin, but one thing is sure, the skin looses it’s elasticity after a while. That’s why it is good to know what to change in your make up routine to preserve the fresh look, everyday. Remember, that aging is a normal process that every individual will face at some point in their life, embrace aging and don’t be scared of the wrinkles showing here and there, it is completely normal. Check out these make up routines for women over 30, comment bellow.

1. Embrace Grey Hair

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Grey hair is the new 2015 hair trend, girls are coloring their hair in grey. Don’t be afraid of the grey hair showing up on your skull, embrace it and wear it proudly. You can even color your hair in grey and have the entire package. This will make you look sophisticated but not necessarily older.

2. Blush It Up

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By applying blush you will look fresher and younger. Choose a blush that goes well with your skin tone and apply it by blushing your cheekbones, downwards and upwards to the end of the eye brow. Don’t over use the blush because it can have the opposite effect.

3. SPF

No matter what age, SPF is viral. To prevent black spots appearing on your skin, that are caused by the UV rays, then apply SPF cream or look for make up with SPF protection in it (conditioner, powder, lipstick etc.). Apply it every day,throughout the entire year.

4.  Open Your Eyes

Make your eyes look bigger by applying champagne color pencil on your waterline. Avoid a white pencil because it will be noticeable and fake. Curl your lashes and apply two layers of mascara.

5. Mask Exhaustion

The eye area can draw much attention, there is nothing worse then a light concealer applied on dark under eye circles. Don’t make that mistake, choose a concealer that matches your foundation and carefully apply the concealer.

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